Creating Communities of Healing for Patients and their families

We identify potential programs: Our expertise lies in our unique approach to creating meaningful exchanges that animate individuals of all abilities through innovative programs. Our programs enhance the recovery process and acceptance of their treatment and surroundings, and remind each individual that they are more than their dis/ease.  

We help improve your patients' experience: Your reputation is enhanced through creative approaches, visibility and the diverse positive experiences by those living in and engaging with your healthcare community. 

We inspire your staff : In order to help with staff satisfaction and retention it is vital to create a positive, progressive work atmosphere. If staff are engaged they are more "present" for the patients and their families, and more congenial with one another. We run programs with them so they understand our process and benefits to the patients and families: they connect in non-clinical ways.

We create opportunities for peer interaction: Our arts-infused programs facilitate relationships and contribute to a sense of well-being as well as supporting creative development and understanding.

Human-centred care and collaboration are at the core of all we do. There is clear evidence that  imagination and creative expression contribute to well-being and a sense of community.

To further the field of Arts and Health we offer programs that can be challenging, enriching, and extended to produce new innovative work, contributing to, and engaging with, the development of the arts in British Columbia.

Our inspiration comes from innovative thinkers such as Bill Thomas' The Eden Alternative®, Dr. Oliver SacksRoger Ulrich, and Bryan Lawson, to name a few.

Imagination and creativity is vital to creating a sense of well-being no matter what age.


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