A Novel way to address social isolation for low-income seniors

There seems to be a lot of focus on the art of aging. If people are healthy, active and engaged as they age, then it is not that difficult. If finances are under control, those who age have more options to remain engaged with their communities, managing to get out and attend concerts, talks and other activities that keep their minds, bodies and spirits active. However, for those whose income is low, aging is more difficult. How do people who cannot manage on their own care, yet cannot afford to move into retirement communities where care is provided, remain active and socially engaged? How do they maintain their social network and not feel lonely?  

Beacon Hill Village in Boston allows people to stay in their neighbourhood and enables them to take care of themselves, while providing choice and control over decisions as they age. It is a wonderful project and is innovative and engages seniors who live in the community. 

Another project in New York serves those whose income is even lower has begun in. Through a broad volunteer base, there is a move toward new kinds of "kinship relationship" that offer opportunities  for seniors to remain in their own homes with services brought into them.

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However, for those who cannot afford the minimal fee 



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